Friday, 2 September 2011

How to pay a compliment (MY LAST POST)

It's been a pleasure sharing with you on this blog about English language!

But it's time for me to close this blog as I can't update it as often as I should. As I have already explained on this one that I'm closing too, I opened too many blogs when I started blogging. I am still very keen on blogs, but since 2008 I have learned a lot, and now I have just decided to keep blogging about any educational topic on just one blog, instead of having one for each topic.

So, please, keep in touch on this blog: Reflexions per a mestres. I started it as a blog on education where I would write in my mother tongue, Catalan. But from now on, I will blog there in English as well if I need it, for example when the topic is about English, TFL or TSL and so on...

By the way, if you want to learn more idioms on how to pay a compliment... watch this video!!!

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